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Welcome to Online GPF Information System
The Principal Accountant General (A & E) maintains individual GPF accounts of about 31,000 employees (excluding Group D employees) of the Manipur State Government. The Fund group is headed by one I.A. & A.S. officer in the rank of Senior Deputy Accountant General.... More

For availing SMS service, the state government employees would have to register their mobile number to the Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Manipur, Imphal .
The updated information would then be sent to their mobile through SMS. The employees can get details of the monthly deposit, withdrawal and balance through this SMS facility.
In order to access GPF status, the subscriber has to select the GPF series name and enter the GPF Account No. Further he/she has to enter his/her PIN (Personal Identification Number) which has been communicated by the AG Office, Manipur through his/her registered mobile number.
If the subscriber has not received his/her PIN, he/she is advised to contact Shri N. Budhichandra Singh, Sr. AO/EDP during office hours of visting days.