Information/Documents which are required to be  submitted by the concerned DDO/Head of office along with forwarding letter at the time of allotment  of new account no. of GPF and Final Payment cases

1.    Allotment of New Account No. of GPF

i)                    Forwarding Letter.

ii)                   Statement of particulars for allotment of Provident Fund Account numbers to compulsory subscribers [See Decision below Rule 4]

iii)                 Form of Nomination [Rule 5(3)]

iv)                 Appointment order/promotion order

v)                  Age Proof Certificate

vi)                 MGEL No

vii)               A separate statement showing

a)      Name of the subscriber

b)      Designation/Name of the post held

c)      Basic pay

d)      Name of the Treasury

viii)              Any other information as may be necessary. 

 2.         Final Payment Case.

            1.(a)     Forwarding Letter 

            i).         Prescribe Application Form for FP

                        (a)        Form 1 Appendix D [For final payment/Transfer to corporate Bodies/Other Govts]

                                    (in case of retirement or superannuation)

                        (b)        Form 2 Appendix D  

(to be used by the nominee or other claimants where no nominee subsists) 

(ii)                Retirement or Termination order. 

(iii)               GPF Withdrawal or non withdrawal certificate for the last 12 month immediately preceding during the date of retirement. 

(iv)              Last three years GPF balance Statement issued by O/o the Sr.DAG (A&E), Manipur, Imphal. 

(v)                Legal Wife/Husband certificate from the competent authority in case of death of the subscriber. 

(vi)              List of Family members eligible claimants when no nominee subsists. 

(vii)             Death certificate of the nominee in case of death of nominee. 


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